Inspired by the mountaintops

High-altitude vineyards. This is the road, arduous and beautiful, that lead us to wines where finesse and perfumes blend into one.

Bricco delle Viole is the paradigm of our climate. The vineyard has been shaped with a gentle swing to the south, visible from a radius of several kilometers, and on certain autumn days it seems to emerge like a promontory out of a sea of fog.

Here the sun does not encounter obstacles. It rises early to the east and gives energy to the vineyards until the end of the day, when it sets in the west over the Alps.

The purity of the light is balanced by the influence of the Alps and the proximity to the Tanaro river.

This creates very accentuated thermal changes, able to ripen the fruit slowly to perfection, preserving it from excessive heat and allowing the concentration of noble and delicate aromas.

It is not uncommon to find violet, orange zest, star anise among the scents of the Bricco delle Viole.

This for us is a road, an inspiration, a vocation.

In each vineyard we are looking for unique characters and personalities, but in all of them we search for this note of ethereal beauty, like a sweetly whispered poem.
Inspired by the mountaintops - G.D. Vajra